Unique, innovative and patented design, in a shape never seen before with great world wide potential

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The Diamond Balloon will be a unique new landmark combining spectacular new Digital Out-of-Home advertising (DOOH) opportunity, destined to redefine DOOH advertising and dramatic tourism attraction that will offer most exciting skyline viewing experience. Our globally patented captive balloon was developed in cooperation with one of the globally leading technical Universities in the field of Aerodynamics, the TU Delft in the Netherlands and is based on proven technology. By using advanced mobile technology and social media, interaction and data collection is established with a high profile, sophisticated, purchasing and influencing audience. The balloon’s revolutionary design and construction combined with the best available large screen technology makes this a true eye catcher the world over.


Tourist Attraction

Diamond Balloon will offer its passengers a far more exciting experience than the traditional viewing opportunities such as observatory decks in towers or large Ferris wheels. The maximum capacity is 3000 passengers per day depending on weather conditions.

Digital Out of Home Advertising

DOOH is essentially advertising screens in traditional billboard Locations and place –based environments, providing an advertising surface of 900m2 for each screen, the combined LED screen area measures 2,700m2 readable up to 8 km.

Mobile Technology

The integration of mobile technology into DOOH will continue and the introduction of new platforms is only a manner of time. Diamond Balloon will provide a seamless interactivity across DOOH, social media and mobile.


The Diamond Balloon will fly to a height of approximately 300 m but will remain attached to the ground by cables. The balloon remains stationary whilst the gondola will be hoisted up to a height of 175 m. which will in itself be a spectacular experience and very different from the traditional captive hot air balloons. In short Diamond Balloon will be an amazing feature to look at on any cities skyline, an amazing digital billboard, and an amazing passenger experience.

Diamond Balloon’s captive balloon is a revolutionary concept because of its patented design and its dimensions. Due to its shape, the balloon will be far less sensitive to wind and offers ideal digital and conventional advertising surfaces. The balloon has a content in excess of 140.0000 m3 which is nearly 20 times as much as the largest captive balloon at the moment. The balloon will have dimensions of 95 x 75 m which is comparable to a 30 story high-rise building. The LED screens measure 22.5 by 40.0 m per side providing an advertising surface of 900 m2 for each screen. Due to its three sides, the combined LED screen area measures 2,700 m2 making it the largest DOOH surface in the world. The Balloon will feature led lighting which will make the balloon visible from 20 to 25 km with clear weather conditions. Diamond Balloon's captive balloon is a revolutionary concept, based on proven technology.


The innovative design of the gondola and it’s lifting system provide maximum safety and comfort for the passengers. The Diamond Balloon will be the largest captive balloon in the world and further proof of its size is the fact that 65 passengers can be accommodated during each ride of the gondola.   Two groups of passengers will be targeted; the family tourist and the thrill seekers. The family tourist will make the ride inside the air-conditioned gondola and enjoy the 360 degrees unobstructed view through the glass walls or enjoy the ride standing in the open air on the surrounding balcony. Thrill seekers will sit under the gondola in the open air in 15 protected seats, the sky seats, which will rotate 360 degrees during the ride. If required, the number of seats can be increased. The gondola can be used for special events, like private dinners and corporate events.


The ground station has multiple functions; it functions as the boarding and disembarking station, it contains support systems for the balloon and the gondola, it hosts the control centre for the operations with the gondola and the operation of the screens and balloon lighting, and it hosts the ticket sales, a cafe as well as a merchandise sales point. The entrance of the ground-station will be designed as a security check point to safeguard the operations. The ground station will feature two levels with the upper floor providing access to the gondola and the lower floor providing access to the thrill seeker sky seats.


TechnetHolland BV
Diamond Balloon BV
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The Netherlands
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François van den Bogaard
CEO Diamond Balloon FZC

Bart Groot
Director Diamond Balloon FZC

Ronald Vergoed
Director Diamond Balloon BV

Walter de Ruiter
Board member TechnetHolland BV

Lex Samuel
Board member TechnetHolland BV

Mieke Kaelen

Leon Heijkoop
Director Operations